Review: Blacklisted by Luke Romyn

Blacklisted by Luke Romyn

Review by Iris Carden

Nightclub owner, boxer, former bouncer, and serial killer Mike Swanson, is broken out of police custody by a mysterious military group.

He finds himself subjected to a bizarre series of tests, before finally joining a group of other killers to be trained in weapons and military skills - without explanation.

Suddenly he finds himself in a world where it's impossible to tell truth from lies, to know who is right and who is wrong, but life and death hangs in the balance at every turn. One by one, the people he has come to look on as "family" are killed.

In a shady world of mercenaries, terrorists, and counter-terrorism, they are betrayed, but it is hard to tell who the traitor actually is when it's impossible to know which side they are actually on.

There are points where the reader's suspension of disbelief is pushed to its outer limits, but the narrative is too good to give up on it at those points.

It's a story that keeps driving forward, constantly challenging the reader to keep up with the twists and turns of a plot that can't stay still.

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