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New books by Iris Carden available now:

The Wallaby Detectives and the Tomato Sauce Mystery

Maggie, from Maggie's Pie Shop is in a terrible flap! It's almost lunch time and the tomato sauce delivery hasn't arrived!

Sherlock, Mycroft and Watson Wallaby, the world's smartest detectives, are on the case.

Why hasn't Wally Wombat delivered the sauce?

Where's Wally?

What are the suspicious red splotches near Ms Dingo's house?

Is the chocolate-cherry-caramel-coconut cake really an important clue, or does it just smell like one?

Is a meat pie without tomato sauce really a crime, anyway?

If Watson Wallaby can stop his brothers from jumping to silly conclusions, these questions will be answered and the Wallaby Detectives will save lunch.

This children's picture book is available in paperback only at (or click the "Books" tab on this blog.)



Rescuer? Predator? Imaginary childhood friend? Artist's muse? Goddess? Ancient unspeakable evil? All of these and worse?

You always knew you didn't imagine that shadow that moved, the thing lurking just outside of your field of view, the items that weren't where you left them.  You always knew, but you chose to ignore it, because the alternative was unthinkable.

From the slightly warped mind of author Iris Carden, comes a monster who can give you everything you ever wanted, for a price. The catch is, you don't know the price when you accept deal.

When a failing author and an artist at the start of her career discover inspiration comes at a cost, the consequences will outlive them both. 

This novella, in both paperback and ebook format,  is definitely for adults.  Available now at (or click the "Books" tab on this blog.)

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