Book Review: Embryo by J. A. Schneider

Embryo by J. A. Schneider

Review by Iris Carden

A obstetrics ward is supposed to be a happy place. Unfortunately, for some people it's not so happy. Bad things do happen. Sometimes what should be the greatest joy in a family's life becomes its greatest nightmare.

When one young doctor finds that there seem to be unusual number of what should be remarkably rare things going wrong, she begins to investigate her own hospital, and put herself at risk both professionally and personally.

A bit of mystery, a bit suspense, a bit of danger, a bit of romance, a doctor who knows how to use a gun, some icky medical details, and a contemporary Dr Frankenstein (and you will be surprised when you find out who that is), all add up to make this a thoroughly entertaining, and very well-written book.

What will really creep you out is when you finish the book, turn out the light and try to sleep, and begin to wonder.... "how far are we from some lunatic really doing this?"


Book Review: Fairy Potter by Luhra Tivis

Fairy Potter - A Boy Discovers His Gay Heritage by Luhra Tivis

Review by Iris Carden

This book was the first contemporary fiction book I bought on Kindle. I bought it because I had met the author on Twitter.

I need to confess up front that I'm not especially interested in parody. However, this is well written, and it's fun.

Paralleling the story of Harry Potter, as you would expect, Fairy Potter has been left with his very straight Uncle and Aunt after the mysterious death of his parents while he was a baby. His parents, who had married despite their objection to marriage, had actually arranged for his future.

Fairy is transported to a remarkable school which has lessons tailored for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and trans-gendered children. Drugs are a regular part of life in the school. Where Harry Potter and friends took on a troll shortly after arriving at school, Fairy Potter and friends take on a Narc.

It's fun to read to find out what Luhra's done with each of the Harry Potter characters and situations. Like most parodies, the book relies very  heavily on the reader being familiar with the original, so if you haven't read Harry Potter for a while, it might be worth a brief skim through first.