The Moovelous Invention

By Iris Carden, Kiara Blake,  Xavier Blake and Allison Blake.

They were riding in the car when Mum said: "Look at the price of petrol. It's dearer than milk."

Kiara and Xavier looked at each other.

"I've got an idea!" Xavier said excitedly.

"Me too!" Said Kiara, "It's a most moovelous idea."

When they got home, Kiara and Xavier collected up some cardboard boxes, and tubes and glue and colouring pencils and all kinds of other craft things.  They went into the garage and started working.

After a while Xavier ran upstairs and came back with a bottle of milk.

They did some more work, and then had a rest while they waited for the glue on their invention to dry.

A little while later, they got into their invention, did up their seatbelts, and drove out of the garage.

"What is that?" asked Dad, who had just got home from work.

"It's our moovelous car!" Xavier said.

"Do you want to go for a ride?" Kiara asked.

Kiara's Moovelous Car.

Dad called Mum and they both got into the back seat.

The children drove their moovelous car all around the neighbourhood.

"It certainly is a marvelous car," Dad said.

"No," said Xavier, "it's a moovelous car."

"Yes," said Kiara, "it uses milk instead of petrol."

Everywhere the family went in their moovelous car, people wanted to know all about it.  And they all wanted to have one.

The television news filmed their car and everyone in Australia saw it.

Then even more people wanted to have one.

Kiara and Xavier put a sign on the front of the garage: The Moovelous Moving Things Company.

They made all kinds of moovelous vehicles.  They made great big moovelous trucks that ran on chocolate thickshakes.  They made moovelous buses that ran on caramel milkshakes. They made moovelous racing cars that ran on double-shot iced coffees. They made moovelous motor bikes that ran on strawberry milk.  And they made moovelous family cars that ran on vanilla milkshakes.

Xavier's Moovelous Motorbike

One of the best things about moovelous moving things was that instead of smelly petrol exhaust, they gave off flavoured milk foam, a bit like babycinno foam.

Kiara had the idea of adding straws to windscreen wipers so people could drink any exhaust from other cars that landed on their windscreens.

Soon, everyone in Australia was using mooveloous moving things.  No-one bought petrol any more. The petrol stations were all replaced by milk bars. The air around busy roads smelled yummy, and dairy farmers always had someone to buy their milk.

And Kiara and Xavier? Well they were collecting boxes and glue and things, thinking of the next great invention they could make.