Review of Luke Romyn's "Walking with Shadows"

When I see that something is by Luke Romyn, I know it's going to be good.  This book's no exception.

Author Jonas Drake and a boy named Jeremy are the only survivors of a plane crash in the Amazon jungle.  As they try to find their way to safety, they run foul of a guerrilla warlord, Australian drug runners and the occasional giant Amazonian crocodile.

As they try follow the river to safety, Jonas tells fantasy stories to Jeremy.  The stories come from Jonas' past: his past writing, but also his personal past.

While the journey continues, and their lives are in danger over and over again, past and present, fantasy and fact intersect in increasingly disturbing ways.  Jonas cannot decide if he's going insane, or if he and Jeremy are truly not alone in their journey.

Along the way, Jonas Drake finds a part of himself he'd left behind long before.

It's an exciting adventure, an engrossing fantasy and multiple stories in one. I had trouble putting it down,

It's well worth a read.